2nd FRIENDS Meeting RIM reports

The following events (significant ones) happened very recently i.e pertaining to the FRIENDS project:

1. Reporting on the 2nd FRIENDS meeting by the participants to the FRIENDS project Management team –  19th June @ RIM Board Room

2. Telephonic/e-meeting with FRIENDS partner (RTC) for equipment purchase @ 23-26 June

3. Meeting on Sub-web hosting and etc – 25th June @ FRIENDS Project Manager’s Office with RIM IT Officer, Turkey participants and Project team

4. Meeting to discuss and finalize the draft SWAG contest note ( finalized and considering for circulation to trainees/students by tomorrow afternoon) @ 1st & 2nd July @Project Manager Office with Participants of Turkey meeting and RIM project team

5. Circulation of notification to trainees/students (email and uploading on RIM Facebook page) @ 3rd July by Project Manager (Up coming event)

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