RTC-FRIENDS Teahouse Inauguration/ ིམ་ུ་ྱལ་འིན་མོ་ིམ་ོབ་ྭ་ི་ མུན་འེལ་ཇ་ཁང་།

On 10th March 2021, the FRIENDS Partners at Royal Thimphu College (RTC) in Bhutan inaugurated the FRIENDS Teahouse on campus. In the efforts of promoting and nurturing an inclusive and multicultural environment on campus, the Teahouse has been established with the vision to serve as a hub for students from all walks of life and culture who will have the opportunity to interact and share intercultural experiences.

The event was attended by 5 executive members including the RTC President and 27 attendees consisting of student government members and officers from the student services department, development and external relations department, and the IT department. During the FREINDS teahouse opening ceremony, the three candidates selected for participation in the FRIENDS Student Bootcamp and who would be running the Teahouse as well were also presented.

Aside from a dining area, the Teahouse is fitted with a lounge and a 65 inch smart TV appropriate for hangouts, team meetings, and presentations. The facility also houses desktops and a multifunction printer along with a stable Wi-Fi connection.

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