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IaH Infographic Reports

The 12 infographic reports below represent a summary of the data collected by the 12 Partner Country FRIEND HEIs through the means of a self-assessment and self-evaluation. The Internationalisation at Home Self-Evaluation Tool in FRIENDS was designed as part of the consortium’s efforts to outline the 12 Partner Country HEIs’ internationalisation landscapes and to identify levels of integration of international and intercultural dimensions into their formal and informal curriculum. The questionnaire was prepared based on the IAU 5th Global Survey on Internationalisation of Higher Education and represents an adapted and shortened version of the global survey focusing predominantly on the issue of internationalisation at home. For more information on each infographic report, please contact the respective person in charge as indicated at the bottom of each infographic report or the FRIENDS project management team at

Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Royal Institute of Management, Bhutan